You Can Count On

Choosing a cochlear implant can be a decision for life—that’s why our cochlear implants are built to provide long-term safety and outstanding reliability. To ensure our candidates can make informed decisions, we provide honest, transparent, up-to-date reliability information on all of our current implants and audio processors.

We believe in putting the well-being of our recipients first, which is why we hold ourselves to one of the most rigorous reliability reporting standards. We follow ISO 5841-2: 2000, which is the reliability reporting standard for cardiac pacemakers and other life-saving devices.

We’re proud of the accomplishments of all our recipients, and we take responsibility for every single implant. Other manufacturers may disguise the replacement of a partial failure as an “upgrade”. We don’t believe that’s fair or honest to you. If an implant has to be removed or replaced for any reason, we count that against our reliability; you’ll find it reported below under “Extended CSR data”.

Comprehensive reporting is the fair and honest information that every cochlear implant candidate deserves. With MED-EL, you can trust you’ll have reliability you can always count on.

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For Years to Come

Rest assured. Built from durable titanium, our cochlear implants have a proven record of outstanding long-term reliability. SYNCHRONY, our latest cochlear implant, is based on the CONCERTO PIN—a robust design with an exceptional 99.91% reliability rating after 5 years.


after 5 years





Better Hearing, Less Hassle

Spend more time enjoying your hearing. Our SONNET, RONDO, and OPUS 2 are the most reliable CI audio processors available, ensuring that you can focus on hearing. With less need for service or repair, our audio processors save you time, money, and hassle.

If you ever have any issue with your audio processor, our dedicated service team will be there for you. Our service hotlines, clinical support staff, and local MED-EL team are ready to help with any questions you may have. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure that you’ll have your hearing back as quickly as possible.

As of February 2016

Our average monthly service rate reflects the average percentage of audio processors that are sent to us for service each month and are found to be defective, relative to the total number of each processor in use.

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